At Oasis Urbano, we have a team specialized in maintenance with technical competence and recognized experience. The continuous training of our technicians allows the provision of a safe service and in accordance with the law. At Oasis Urbano, we provide equipment maintenance and renewal services, cleaning and revitalization of equipment, as well as occasional safety inspections. Contact us and find out what the maintenance plan that best fits your space.

Luminous Water Fountains

As for the maintenance of light sources and water games, Oasis Urbano offers its customers a qualified team of engineers and technicians to carry out all preventive and corrective maintenance work, water treatment operations and replacement of consumable materials, still giving full support of after-sales service.

Urban furniture

Regarding the maintenance of urban furniture, Oasis Urbano offers its clients a qualified team to carry out all the preventive and corrective maintenance work, also giving a full support of after-sales service.


The act of preserving and conserving the equipment, following the safety regulations and instructions of manufacturers, is a key behavior to prolong the useful life of the equipment and safety assurance.


Other services