Fountain of Homage to the People - Mêda

In honor of those who fought in the colonial war, which marks our history so much, we are participating in this homage, in the municipality of Mêda, where we have more than one fountain, we have a monument full of the capacities we have.

The Monument of Homage to the People, with sculpture and tiles by the Portuguese sculptor Fernando Pedro, is inserted in a fountain composed by water cascade on the steps, water mirror, spray cloud and jets of foamy water.

Held in the Municipality of Mêda, this work counted on our participation from the construction, through the hydraulic installation and lighting.

Water, combined with this noble element of art, enhances the active role of the People in society.

Client: Câmara Municipal de Mêda
Date: 2003
Local: Mêda, Guarda, Portugal
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